Lay Me Low

Yesterday was a sad day, with the news that someone from my church congregation had died. A fifteen year old who, without warning, passed away while sleeping.

Last night, my wife Joan and I attended a concert by Caritas, a wonderful a-cappella choir from our area. They sang a solemn yet lovely old Shaker hymn called "Lay Me Low," that goes like this:

~ "Lay me low, Lay me low, Lay me low, low,
Where Mother can find me,
Where Mother can own me,
Where Mother can bless me."

I don't know whether my interpretation is correct, but the feeling I get from this tune is that of a mother laying her baby in a crib. Lovingly. Carefully. Soothing her child to sleep.

As a parent of two boys, I remember the experience, when they were little, of laying them down to sleep. It's a sweet memory that I cherish.

Now, my friends are getting ready to lay down their son to eternal rest.

Rain is thundering down on central New Jersey this morning as I write this entry. It's dark and stormy, the rain pounding on the roof.

In time, however, the clouds will roll on, and the sun will return.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 9, 2009


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