Marketing 101 for Job Hunters

Today's job seeker has been thrust into a Sales & Marketing role that they may be completely unprepared for. The starting point, for a successful search, is self-realization:

~ the Product is the job hunter.

The job seeker has to develop a job search campaign, containing such elements as:

- an Objective: What sort of work does the job seeker want to do?

- a Target Market: For whom would the job seeker like to work?

- a Story: What "value proposition" will the job seeker convey?

To be successful in this campaign, the job seeker has to examine and get to know:

- the Self: What skills and capabilities does the job seeker possess?

- the Other: What does the prospective employer do? What does the prospective employer need?

To find and connect with prospective employers, job seekers must develop and utilize various skills, especially:

- Networking

- Communicating

- Consulting

If there's one person who has learned a thing or two about "getting gigs," it's today's job hunter.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 25, 2009


Anonymous said…
I know your article is a little old, but it's still very relevant for today. I understand that the current job market requires job hunters to use sales tactics for selling themselves as the candidate for the job. I've been having a difficult time finding something like "Marketing and Sales 101 for the Job Hunter." Your article is very helpful for someone with no sales knowledge. Thank you for writing it!

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