On Networking

Much is being written about networking these days. And it's a good thing because networking is a critical part of an effective job search campaign.

But networking continues to be a challenge. Many don't understand it. Some are afraid to do it.

To help overcome this, and encourage job hunters to give it a try, here are three basic ideas about networking.

1. It's not about asking someone for a job. Networking is not begging. Rather it's about asking someone for information, for advice, and for referral.

2. It's an exchange , a conversation where each party participates and benefits. You are seeking to learn about the other person's organization or industry. They are seeking to learn about you and your goals.

3. It's a two-way engagement. It's connecting and the synergy can benefit both parties.

Think of networking as sowing seeds. Lots of them. All will bear some sort of fruit. Some will be opportunity.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 8, 2009


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