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Recently I started a discussion on LinkedIn with this question: "How can we raise our consciousness and make the world a better place?"

I was inspired by another LinkedIn member, Lawrence Gelber, who had said:

"Consciousness can be raised in various ways, education being among the more obvious possibilities. Various meditative techniques have been found to elevate consciousness, and a committment to periodic self-review probably would not hurt. I am not a "guru" but it strikes me there are basic things we can all do to learn to accomodate each other with more grace, despite differences."

In a search for some of those "basic things" we can do, I asked my friend Donna Coulson to be a guest blogger. Donna is a coach, a consultant, and fellow graduate of Rutgers. Here are her thoughts, on some ways we can raise our consciousness, tailored for those affected by this recession.

Raising Consciousness by Donna Coulson

Although Change is in vogue and OK, you need to stop doing 32 things at once out of fear of losing jobs, losing money, and losing your self confidence.

You need to focus on Needs. Whether you’re new to a job or holding tight to an old one, be Conscious about the role NEEDS play in your life.

From a coaching approach, NEEDS are drivers -— not always positive. The need to find or retain a job is real. Is your need -—or fear-- driving you to work excessive hours or surf the net 24/7?

Key: Are you focused on the right things rather than just doing things right?

And you need Stillness. We need to still ourselves and make ourselves quiet for short stretches so we can gain insight into who we are, what impact we want to have, where we shine best at work in and in life and when we need to Say No or Say Yes to requests/work.

You need Perspective. Talk to a Great Generation person who lived through the 1930s Depression Era. They will tell you they have enough--food, money, friends and, if you will listen, they will tell you how to live through the toughest of times. 2009 is tough but this is the group that says about their youth, "We were poor and didn't know it." I find theirs a marvelous perspective and not at all insulting.

Finally, you need Direction. Are your needs driving you in the right direction? What’s your purpose and mission —-beyond finding/keeping a job-— for your life from this day forward?

Remember: You are a talented person of the universe! You didn't lose that in a Recession. Find the right place for yourself.

[Copyright 2009 by Donna Coulson. All Rights Reserved]

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 23, 2009


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