Your Interview Dashboard

Preparing for an interview is critically important. It includes many ingredients, including: researching the company, writing questions that you will ask, and making a "dry run" drive to the site you'll be going to so you don't encounter "surprises" that could heighten your anxiety.

But what about during the interview itself? How do you steer through the challenging waters of the interview?

I'd suggest installing the following "dashboard" into your mental space, and keeping an eye on the gauges:

- Your Answers Part 1: Are you answering the questions advantageously? In other words, are you positioning yourself as the answer to their prayers? Since a job hunt is a sales campaign, think of an interview as a sales meeting, part needs assessment (i.e., the employer's needs) and part solution building (and the Solution Is You!).

- Your Answers Part 2: Do you know if you are answering the interviewer's question? Try asking: "Have I answered your question?" Answering is a balance. You don't want to under-answer, nor do you want to over-answer.

Remember: If you are invited in for an interview, chances are very good that you are a finalist for the opening. Don't disqualify yourself. Use these dashboard items to perform at your best. And win the job!

In the next post, we will look at Pacing and Energy.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 27, 2009


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