Clearly Engaged

What are the key things that managers must do to promote greater employee engagement? It's quite clear to me:

- Connect: Make a genuine connection with each of your team members.

[Consultant Michael Lee Stallard writes very well about the power of connections.]

- Listen: Listen not only with your ears. Listen with your heart. Learn to really hear what your people are saying, and what they are feeling.

[Consultant Judith Bardwick has written very powerfully about the role of feelings in engagement.]

- Empower: Give your people the freedom to make a difference in how things are done in your area of the company.

- Acknowledge: Recognize your people not only for their results, but for their effort, their ideas, and their commitment.

[Consultant Judith Umlas has written very well about the power of acknowledgement.]

- Reinforce: Strengthen your people via training, feedback, team building, coaching, and new experiences.

What would you add?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 20, 2009


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