"Go With the People Flow"

Years ago, during the heyday of the Quality movement, I learned this slogan:

~ "None of us is as smart as all of us."

Great little maxim. It's saying that when you bring a team together to address a problem or an opportunity, the collaborative effort can yield more ideas, often better ideas, than one person working on their own.

As true as this is for Quality improvement teams, it also applies to job hunting. Get together with other job hunters. Why? At the Riley Guide, Margaret Dikel says:

"You just lost your job, or you lost it some time ago but are still not finding something else. Why do we so strongly suggest you join a job search support group? Because they can help. No, they probably do not have job listings nor can they introduce you to potential employers, but they can give you the lift you need to continue and the other members can offer ideas and suggestions for strategies you did not consider."

Well said. And she goes on to list a ton of resources around networking groups, including mentioning the article that Janice Lee Juvrud and I wrote about starting your own group.

Networking groups have many benefits, including:

- boosting your morale
- enhancing your networking skills
- producing leads to opportunity
- giving you new perspectives
- and adding to your fund of networking contacts.

In a meeting the other day with one of my outplacement clients, I asked her how her networking efforts were going. She said, "I'm just going with the people flow."

I love that phrase!

I've said before, Don't go it alone. The rest of the story is: Join together with others for a successful job search.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 22, 2009


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