Improving Your Odds

A job hunter sent me an email today asking for advice. He writes: "I see lots of HR and IT jobs posted on your Yahoo site, but nothing in my field. Any suggestions?"

My suggestion would be, Don't count on the job leads that you are seeing on this, or any other, job lead sharing site. The odds are too low.

Much better is to work your own network, both interpersonally and on LinkedIn. Let your contacts, both professional and personal, know what you are looking for. Tell anyone who will listen. Remember: you never know who they know.

At the same time, identify your target companies: the employers that you know and admire which could use your skills and experience. Once identified, pursue them, by networking into them. LinkedIn can help here.

Search for the likely hiring managers and send them a letter of introduction. Then call them.

This approach has much higher odds of paying off.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 6, 2009


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