What Makes You Different?

In my work with job hunters, I often find myself helping the other person to confront the ultimate employer question, Why should we hire you?

The best answer is to say, "You should hire me because I can do X for you and your company."

But how do you figure out what X is?

I call it, Finding Your Differentiator.

And the way to discover it is by working, really working, on your resume.

I find that as the job hunter works on their skills, accomplishments, and Summary (or Professional Profile), especially the identification of key capabilities, they get closer to their differentiator(s).

As an example, one of my candidates (aka clients) is a bank branch manager from a well-known bank. After several one-on-one meetings to delve into her experiences, accomplishments, and skills, it dawned on her that her differentiator is:

~ She takes under-performing branches and transforms them into award winning branches.

She not only had an aha moment, but she seemed to shift into a higher gear of feeling positive about herself.

So how did she learn that about herself?

By really digging into her resume:

- opening up each work experience
- mining the accomplishments
- writing each one
- examining the Challenges that she faced, the Actions that she took, and the Results that she achieved
- and discerning the Story that emerges

Writing your resume can be a process of self-discovery.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 25, 2009


Jack said…
Seems like very good advice. And for a little extra inspiration, I invite you and your readers to check out this site -- ahamoment.com -- created by Mutual of Omaha to highlight inspirational personal stories and "aha moments" of all kinds. Some are related to career, others to relationships, personal growth, etc. I hope you enjoy it.


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