"My Confidence Is Shot"

A job hunter contacted me the other day and said, "Terry, My confidence is shot. Any ideas?"

I always have ideas.

The best way to boost confidence is to do something and do it well.

The trouble with that, however, is that job hunters are in a tough quandary: they are not doing whatever it is that they do best. Job hunting, for most of us, is an unnatural thing: unexpected and uncomfortable.

Even those who are conducting their second or third job search in their career --and who know the drill pretty well-- will sometimes feel their confidence crumble to pieces.

So here are a few ideas that may help you to give yourself the "shot in the arm" that you need to regain your confidence, boost your spirit, and face the job search again.

Support: Seek out the support of others. Family. Friends. Former associates from your last company. A job search support group that you belong to. Your church community.

Positives: Give yourself some positive strokes. Remind yourself of the skills you have acquired and the accomplishments you have achieved. Spend some quiet time envisioning what you want to do next.

Inspiration: Seek some inspiration. Maybe a good book. Or a movie. Go to church and hear a sermon. Go walk along a beach, or stroll through a garden. Listen to some transporting music.

Reinforcement: Strengthen yourself. Set a learning objective. Select a topic and research it. Find out the answer to a question. Read a book outside your field.

Initiate: Make a list of things you can start, things that will have some beneficial effect on your psyche and your soul. Start a support group. Volunteer some of your time. Pick up the phone and call a friend. Ask what you can do to help another person.

Tasks: Find one small task that you can do --and do quite well-- and do it. You'll feel the satisfaction that comes from doing.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 1, 2009


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