Last week, I was part of a contingent of about 125 career coaches, volunteering to help our soldiers at the “Ultimate Warrior Career Workshops and Job Fair” held at the Fort Dix base. It was a great event.

I met with several soldiers, to review their resumes, and guide them in preparation for their transition from the military life back to the civilian world.

As my fellow coach Lisa Chenofsky Singer wrote at her blog:

~ "Assimilation back into civilian life is a tough transition for many. When a soldier returns from deployment, it’s typically the first six months that are the most vulnerable period. With the tight economy and high unemployment, recently discharged veterans are likely to face a tough time in this job market."

In talking about this with some of the other coaches who also were at the Ft. Dix event, I'm realizing (again) that today's job hunters and career changers need to become transitionists:

~ People who are "adept at transitions and more precisely, skilled at managing change." People who expect change; accept change; and see change as opportunity.

And so, when they encounter change, they ride it, like a surfer rides a wave.

So if you are a transitioning job hunter or career changer, how can you develop yourself as a transitionist? Here are a few thoughts:

Attitude: What is your attitude toward change? Do you resist it? Do you embrace it? Can you imagine yourself initiating change in your own life?

Dissatisfaction: What aspect of your life would you most like to change? Find your dissatisfaction points.

Vision: What is your vision of the future, the future You? What do you see yourself doing? creating? famous for?

Engage: Are you bringing your fully engaged energy, your "A Game," to this change project?

Next steps: What small steps will you start to take, right here and right now, that will overcome inertia, start the ball rolling, and impel you toward the change?

Transformation: Can you sense the wings that are forming in you, the wings that want to spread, the wings that will enable you to take off and fly?

The points above form the acronym ADVENT. I chose that word because advent means:

~ The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important: the advent of the computer. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

When you are making a transition, such as the soldiers I met at Ft. Dix, you are in the process of becoming something quite important: the future You.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 7, 2009


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