What's Your Branded Value Proposition?

Listening closely in a conversation with a job hunter, I started to get a clear picture of what he thought he was good at and where his greatest passion was located.

He spoke of his ability to manage people, to drive change, and to improve the performance of organizations.

So I interrupted and said to him, "What you just said is your value proposition."

I recapped for him what I had heard him say. And then I recommended that he write it down and go to work on sharpening it.

In today's challenging job market, you must differentiate yourself. A way to do that is to develop your BVP, your personally branded value proposition, a pithy statement that says:

~ Who You Are
~ What You Do Extremely Well
~ And How You Bring Value to Organizations

In a blog entry from earlier this year, Silicon Valley talent marketer John Hyde said:

"So if you’re thinking about your personal brand in the context of landing that next great job, you may want to start by examining the value you provide to a potential employer (or your current employer). The value you provide to an employer is based on who you are."

Here's a little formula for defining your BRAND: Be relevant. Address needs. Deliver.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 5, 2009


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