Working On It

HR Blogger Mike VanDerVort had an entry over the weekend about summing yourself up in three words.

The idea comes from UK management consultant Colin Beveridge who suggests that coming up with your three keywords "can be a powerful exercise in critical self-evaluation."

Mike says: "Before heading into a job interview, you should take the necessary time and come up with a short three word description of what exactly it is that you do in your work life."

Mike offers a few from folks he knows:

- Learn from conflict
- Help people think
- Make information useful

A friend of mine asked me what my three words would be. My initial answer:

- Working on it

But thinking about it some more, maybe the question should be: What three words best capture your strengths?

In that formulation, my answer would be:

- Creating. Facilitating. Sensemaking.

What would your three word summary be?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 10, 2009


Career Sherpa said…
Terrance, similar to the "6 Word Memoir" I think it can be helpful in getting to the core of your message, dare I say brand, and your values.
I blogged about it...
Mine is: Sharing Information. Holding Accountable. Better World.
Terrence Seamon said…
Six words certainly gives you more elbow room.

Mine is:

Facilitating wisdom. Achieving results. Improving life.

Michael said…
In the end, three words or si words probably don' mater, It is honing your thought process that counts. Thanks for noting the story, Terrence!
Terrence Seamon said…
I agree completely, Mike.

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