Motivation, Captaincy, and Digging Deeper

Last week, I was on vacation, without a computer, and so it has been awhile since my last blog entry.

So here are three blog-thoughts in one.


Thanks to a note from my friend Loretta Donovan, I watched author Dan Pink give a talk at TED about what business leaders can do to better engage and motivate people.


One of the books I brought with me to read on vacation is Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte. Beautifully written. One of the concepts he muses on is captaincy, the idea that each one of has the capacity to be the captain of our ship as needed.

Digging Deeper

I lost my reading glasses on our last day of vacation, so I had to buy a new pair. The next day, back in New Jersey, when emptying out my knapsack at home, I discovered my old glasses, buried deep under a bathing suit, stuffed down at the bottom of the sack.

My son Dave's comment, "Dig deep enough and you never know what you may find," struck a chord with me.

Time for some deeper digging.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, September 1, 2009


Kathy said…
Glad you are back!
Tom said…
I love the captaincy metaphor. Let's just hope for more days when it is smooth sailing and less when the typhoons and iceburgs lurk.

Glasses have the ability to dissapear and reappear at will. It's in their nature.

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