Body of Work

Lately, I've been pondering the lessons that Life is trying to teach me right now at this stage of my life.

One of the questions that has been sounding in my head is, What is your body of work?

In graduate school, back around 1980, my adviser suggested I read a book called Love's Body by Norman O. Brown. I think I gave my copy away years ago. But not until I had read and re-read it.

Love's Body is a strange and wonderful reading experience, like hurtling through a landscape of fragments, aphorisms and quotes on a tour of history, Freud, politics, philosophy, the soul, poetry and mythology, in a quest for . . . the meaning of life.

I'm not sure I understood what Brown was ultimately trying to say, but I loved following along with him, and listening to him paint his vast mural of ideas.

Thinking of what I have accomplished this year, and what I have contributed to my unfolding body of work, I would have to say that I have added a few brushstrokes to the mural of my life, including:

- consulting

- writing

- contributing

- coaching

- blogging

- helping

- facilitating

- engaging

Fellow blogger and tweeter Terry Starbucker just tweeted:

~ "What shapes our lives are the questions we ask." - Sam Keen

Quite timely, I'd say.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, October 30, 2009


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