The Striptease Job Search and other exotic ideas for job hunters

Kenny Moore has some decidedly different ideas for job hunters.

Yesterday, during his talk at the St. Matthias Employment Ministry mini-retreat, he was asked for his recommendations on resumes. Well, if you read my prior blog entry, you'll understand that his first response was, "You're seeking answers to something that is less a problem, and more a predicament."

Appreciating the need of many in the audience for some takeaways, Kenny relented and offered some unorthodox ideas for job hunters. Here are a few:

Use The Striptease Method - Kenny asked the audience, "In the old burlesque shows, did the stripper take all her clothes off at once?" The audience answered No. His point is that as job applicants, we should never reveal all, about who we are, all at once. Instead, give one little strip at a time.

Use A One Page Resume - As a former HR manager for a large utility company, Kenny used to get thousands of resumes. His advice: keep your resume to one page. With the Striptease Method as a guide, only reveal just enough about you to get the hiring manager to invite you in.

The Three Things - So, what does Kenny recommend you focus on in a one page resume that would be tantalizing enough for a hiring manager to invite you in? He recommends The Three Things. What are the three things about You that you are naturally great at? Ask yourself:
- what are the three things I've always been good at?
- that I love to do?
- that energize me?
- that others have said I am good at?

And in today's difficult economy, don't put all your eggs in the basket of traditional job search methods, Kenny warns. Pursue a mix of traditional and non-traditional methods. The way to land your next job, Kenny says, is via the hidden job market. What is that exactly? In Kenny's view, it's knowing someone on the inside who will think of you. And recommend you.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, October 26, 2009


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