Charter for Compassion

This morning, in an email from OD consultant John Scherer, I learned about The Charter for Compassion.

The Charter --crafted with input from people all over the world, by a multi-faith, multi-national council-- is a call for a return to the Golden Rule, the central principle of all the major religious traditions, considered to be the essence of religion, "that everything else was “commentary,” and that it should be practised “all day and every day.”" The Charter will be unfurled on November 12.

In his e-mail, Scherer asked: "How can we use the amazing technology available these days to rapidly spread a counter-virus to the hateful one threatening to tear apart the fabric of life? What will it take? Who will do it? Do those of us who know a little bit about change and transformation have a role to play? If so, what and how?"

One idea is: Stand up, show up, and be counted on where and when the need arises.

I had the opportunity to do this last week at an event called Rutgers United Against Hate. There was a pro-tolerance rally in the morning rain outside Hillel House on College Avenue. Intended as a response to an anti-gay and anti-semitic group that had selected Rutgers Hillel as its target, the rally attracted over 1000 students from a rainbow of religious traditions.

My wife and I (probably the two oldest in attendance) joined in too. It felt very good to show up and stand tall for tolerance and love.

Have you ever wished you could do something that would help change the world for the better?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, November 1, 2009


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