Emotional Engagement

Consultant Judith Bardwick, PhD, author of the best-selling book One Foot Out the Door (from AMACOM, 2008), has said very forcefully, that employee engagement is critical to organizational success. But she has voiced frustration:

~ "I’ve been shocked over the last three to four years by the near universal ignorance of executives and managers about the compelling financial relationship between levels of employee commitment and engagement and success. In plainer words, the great majority of organizational decision makers do not know they will only succeed if they have their employee’s hearts, minds and guts."

They just don't get it.

But what is it that they don't get? Executives and managers are trained and developed to focus on numbers and facts. Other things, like emotions, relationships, commitment, trust, culture, and feelings, don't enter into the decision making.

But that's just it!

That's what the Employee Engagement movement, as exemplified by Judy Bardwick and others, is trying to say: The Soft Stuff Matters!

I got a tweet earlier today from Denver-based consultant Chuck Blakeman who wrote:

~ (There are) "7 Emotional Needs of Customers. To be loved/valued, accepted, cared for, appreciated, understood, trusted, respected."

I tweeted back that these seven needs also apply to employees!

He then responded:

~ "Great point! Treat your employees this way and we wouldn't have to worry about how they treat our customers."

That's it, in a nutshell.

When you build, nourish, and care for your employees, they will build and sustain your business.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, November 4, 2009


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Tim Wright said…

Great points with which I cannot agree more!

Back in August I wrote a series of posts on the responsibility of executives, leaders, managers, and employees for "taking a stand".

Your readers might find this one esp. interesting: http://tinyurl.com/ycv6art

All the best,
Terrence Seamon said…
Welcome back, Tim. Yes, let's "take a stand" for engagement.

Thanks for visiting, lifeartstrainer.


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