Giving All You Got

Watching my son Dave and the rest of the Livingston College Theater Company cast of Rent these past few days at Crossroads Theater in New Brunswick, NJ, I am impressed by how totally committed these young people are to this show. My wife and I have gone to hundreds of high school, college and local theater productions over the years and the best ones always have that high level of commitment by the actors. The other production values, like sets and costumes and lighting and music, might leave something to be desired, but if the cast is "giving all they've got," you feel it. It grabs you. And the experience works.

As an organization development consultant, I wonder if my son and the other performers will have that same "fire" after they graduate and go into the world of work. Will their passion for performance, so much in evidence on stage, go on? Or will it be diminished by the organizations they will join?

One of the lessons of the Employee Engagement movement is that the organizations that "get it," that recognize and nourish the connection between commitment and performance, will not only be highly productive and profitable, they will be the best places to work.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Nov 8, 2009


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