Hanging In There

On our walk in the park this morning, my wife and I noticed that most of the trees were bare, except for a few here and there. Pointing to one small tree still full of thin orange-colored leaves, she said: "Look at that, Terry. Despite very strong winds the other day, some leaves are still hanging on the trees."

Still hanging in there.

How often have I uttered those very words to fellow job hunters: "Hang in there."

We job hunters, especially the veterans like me, understand the soft side of a long job hunt. The feelings you keep to yourself. The desperation you sometimes feel in the pit of your stomach when you stop and count the months that have gone by.

Knowing that these feelings will dog you along the way to re-employment, we also know how important it is to support and encourage one another. With little taglines like "Hang in there."

Or another one that a friend of mine uses:

"Keep the faith, baby."

As a person of faith, I like that one. But whatever your faith tradition --and even if you are an atheist-- that saying has a special meaning for job hunters:

~ faith in yourself

As I've said before, you have to believe in yourself if you are going to run this race and reach the goal.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Nov 30, 2009


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