A New You in 2010

A few minutes ago on Twitter, management guru Ken ("The One Minute Manager") Blanchard tweeted: "Think about redoing yourself and becoming a better "you" in the new year."

That tweet came at the right moment, the kairos moment.

For the past few days, my wife Joan and I have been enjoying the cable TV show Clean House, a home makeover show, where a team of home organizers descends on hapless couples who are drowning in clutter. A very entertaining show about "letting go" of the material things that weigh us down.

Imagine if you could apply the "clean house" makeover to your career and life?

One of the things I like most about this time of year is the many blog posts on setting New Year's resolutions. The other day, Curt Rosengren had a great one called "What Is Your Theme for the New Year?" where he says:

~ "What if, instead of a random hodge-podge of well-intended but potentially ineffective positive efforts, you created a unifying theme that ties it all together? What would your theme for 2010 be?"

Great idea! Instead of a list of resolutions, how about a theme? He adds:

~ "With a focused theme, the year becomes a space for you to take an immersion course in the theme you choose. It is a time for you to both learn everything you can about that theme and to practice putting it to work in the real world. Each year has the potential to be a learning laboratory. You can design your "course curriculum" for the year..."

Though it needs more time to crystallize into sharper focus, I'm choosing as my theme for the new year: Launching A New You (I mean, Me) in 2010!

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Dec 30, 2009


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