Spiritual Change Management 2009

In Isaiah, we read: "Prepare the way of the LORD! Make straight a highway for our God!"

John the Baptist proclaimed: "Prepare ye the way of the Lord."

This is Advent, the time of year when Christians get ready for the great feast of Christmas. The time to prepare the way of the Lord. Time to repent.

Repent. A word that is seldom used in the 21st century. What does it mean to repent?

Literally, to repent is to turn away from, to change one's self (the Greek term metanoia means "to change your mind").

To convert.

Spiritually speaking, whether Christian or not, the Advent season is sorely needed in this violence-filled world of ours. If we don't begin the disarmament of our hearts, we are headed for destruction.

The world (all of us) needs to repent, to convert, to turn away from violence.

Repentance means changing the mind, waking up, seeing things as they really are, and recognizing the error of our ways, leading to change of behavior, change in action.

To repent means realizing what gods have defined you and shaking off the chains of intolerance, addictions, and idols.

But most important, to repent means to forgive and to seek peace.

In Psalm 34, we read: "Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it."

What will you do, this Advent season, to repent?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Dec 6, 2009


Mike Burke said…
This question also begs "To what will we turn?" It may be easy to remove oneself from distasteful behavior or thinking, but what fills that 'gap'? I myself have reached out my hand to repair a relationship, and the process has begun. I also will be much more aware to avoid placing a relationship in a jeapardous state. In addition, collectively, Americans (and Canadians) must look more critically at the end-value of our spending habits. Go to www.adventconspiracy.com and look at their [AC] Promo 2009. Said much better than I can. Peace!
Terrence Seamon said…
Hi Mike!
Welcome to my blog. And thanks for the link to the Advent Conspiracy. What a great idea. A good way to answer the question "Turn to what?"
Anonymous said…
Advent,like its cousibn Lent, ia a season for prayer & conversion of hearts. since it comes in winter time, fire is a fitting sign to help us celebrate Advent. If Christ is to come more fully into our lives this Christmas, if God is to become really incarnate for us, then fire will have to be present in our prayer. Our worship & devotion will have to stoke the kind of fire in our souls that can truly change our hearts. Ours is a great responsibility not to waste this Advent time.
Peace and prayers!
Sister Amata
Terrence Seamon said…
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, Sr. Amata. Your thought about the fire in our prayers has got me going on another blog entry so stay tuned!

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