Caring and Employee Engagement - Janice Lee Juvrud

I am pleased to present my first guest blogger of 2010, OD consultant and executive coach Janice Lee Juvrud of the Meridian Group. Her lifelong work is to support the development of work cultures where individuals and organizations flourish.

Like me, Janice is passionate on the topic of employee engagement. You can read more of her thoughts and follow her at Your Search Lights.

In the following post, Janice explores the importance of caring in helping to build an engaged culture.

The Essence of Employee Engagement by Janice Lee Juvrud

Caring is the essence.....

I am a whole person who comes to work.

I bring my hopes, desires, energy, worries, insecurities, and the joys of my family, as I work with my colleagues.

I am human. I want to be appreciated, trusted — even loved!

My feelings drive my actions. They energize me or they take energy from me.

Having all these feelings, how might I feel cared about at work?

- speak openly and honestly with me

- listen to me

- include me in decisions that affect me

- trust me to manage my work so it has meaning and then I can bring my energy and creativity to improving it

- tell me what is expected of me

- provide training so I can do a good job

- work together by appreciating and building on each others strengths

- with your knowledge and connections, support my goals to grow and succeed

- so I may be connected, fill me in on the larger company plans and production picture

- so I know how my part contributes to the whole and how I make a difference, give me feedback

- be genuinely interested in who I am

If you engage me this way I will know you care, and you will have all of me. I will bring my full energy, responsibility, and creativity to the task. There will be no limit to how I contribute to the company's success.

[Copyright 2010 by Janice Lee Juvrud. All rights reserved.]

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Jan 24, 2010


Barry said…
Sounds like the kind of workplace I'd enjoy.
Barry Phegan

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