The CORE of Employee Engagement

Last year, I mused about the essence of leadership.

Essence = the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing; the inward nature; the substance, spirit, lifeblood, heart, principle, soul, core.

This year, in collaboration with my colleague Janice Lee Juvrud , I am pondering: What is the essence of employee engagement?

Now let's get to the core of engagement.

Culture of Caring & Connecting - Highly engaged cultures care deeply about their product, their brand, their customers, and their employees. They connect with every key stakeholder, especially customers and employees, using multiple channels of communication, including new social media. This continuous caring and connecting results in a nourishing flow of innovative ideas and input.

Opening & Owning - Highly engaged cultures are high commitment organizations that open the books to employees and share vital business information with them, turning employees into true business partners who can take ownership of their piece of the system.

Renewing & Recognizing - Highly engaged cultures are continually changing, never satisfied with the status quo, but ever in pursuit of renewal. This culture of open communication emphasizes recognition of people and their contributions to the organization.

Energizing and Empowering - Highly engaged cultures are action oriented and collaborative. They cherish and unleash the real personalities of the people who work there, resulting in creativity, fun and excitement. In addition to this energy, these organizations empower people through trust, training, and teamwork.

More to come on this model as my colleague Janice Lee Juvrud and I prepare to launch a set of culture change tools for driving a highly engaged organization, designed around these core ideas.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Jan 21, 2010


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