Three Things You Like About Your Job - 2010

Two years ago, I wrote a blog entry called "Three Things You Like About Your Job." In that time, it has been one of the most popular posts that folks visit on Here We Are. Now What?

Why? I can only guess. Perhaps it is because people are so dissatisfied at work that they are wondering what others like about their jobs.

Well, the other day, the Conference Board reported that American workers' job satisfaction had dropped like a rock to an all-time record low.

Why so much unhappiness? Could it be that workers are overworked? disengaged? anxious? afraid?

Interesting. Since I was downsized in October of 2008, I have been working for myself. Although, in this recession, it has been a daily struggle to survive, there are some things I like about this job:

- I am my own boss

- I get to work with a wide variety of clients

- I have time to ponder, write, be creative, connect with people, and help others through ministry at my church

So, how about you? What do you like about your job in 2010?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Jan 6, 2010


tinotchka said…
Well, I have to say, just *having* a job is something to like in this environment!

Lucky for me, I also like my job. My three things today:

- Highly competent, professional colleagues
- Challenging work (but not so challenging that it cannot be accomplished with help from my colleagues)
- A variety of projects that regularly provide new challenges!

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