Try A New Way

Today at the 12 o'clock Mass, Fr. Nick had a good sermon.

It's Epiphany (in Greek: epi=upon + phanos=shine; in other words, "revealing"), and today we heard, in the Gospel according to Matthew, about the Magi from the East who followed a star, in search of a savior that had been born in Roman-occupied Palestine.

Nick paused to explain that the word "magi" means magician or astrologer or masters of mystery.

When these strangers reached Israel, they stopped to see King Herod, who was very interested in their reason for coming to his land. Secretly hoping to find and slay the newborn king, he told them to be sure to stop by his palace again on their way home to tell him where the infant could be found.

After they found the child, an angel visited the Magi in a dream and warned them not to go home the way they came, but to go another way.

What rich imagery and food for the creative soul:

- astrologers from the East

- following a star

- an angel in a dream

- returning home a new way

As he dismissed us at the end of Mass, Fr. Nick suggested that we go home a different way.

As 2010 dawns, I think I will try some new ways.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Jan 3, 2010


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