Breaking A Leg

There's an old saying in the theater world, "Break a leg," that means "Good luck," said to actors before they go on-stage to perform. How did such a saying originate and become a way of offering good wishes before a show? Beats me. Reading the wikipedia article on "break a leg" left me as mystified as before.

This past weekend, a wonderful illustration of this saying occurred when the star of the Rutgers Livingston Theater Company's production of The Who's Tommy, Tyler Ableson, broke his leg at rehearsal. Though he fractured his leg in four places, he went on with the show! His leg in a cast from toes to knee, crutches at the ready for much of the show, and fellow cast members (including my son Dave, who played "Cousin Kevin") poised to lift him in a few scenes, Tyler (who fronts a rock band called Jade) carried off the demanding rock concert performance for four shows.

I was quite impressed, to say the least. Though in pain much of the time, Tyler pushed through. He and The Company were determined to deliver a rousing performance of The Who's Tommy. And they did.

My son Dave told me last night that Tyler is scheduled for surgery today, and will be getting several pins to knit his bones back together. As I write this entry, I am offering a healing prayer for Tyler and I hope you will join me in offering one of your own for this courageous lad.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, April 27, 2010


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