Wow Them!

Want to wow the next employer you interview with? Here are the three secrets you need to know . . . and do.

My son Dave landed an internship today. Before he headed off to the train, he asked me for interview tips.

Since he didn't have much time, I quickly said:

1. Have a good story - Ask yourself, Why did they invite you in for an interview? There must be something in your letter, your resume or your work samples that caught their attention, that hooked their interest. They want to meet you! What is it that you need to tell them about the value you can bring to their party?

2. Be energized - If you have a good story to tell about what makes you different, and why they should hire you, you are going to be fired up. You will have a light shining out of your eyes and your smile that will light up the room when you are there.

3. Know the company - Have you done your homework? Do you know something about the organization? Something about the interviewer, especially if she is the decision maker?

It comes down to presence. It sounds mystical. And maybe it is. But it's all about how you show up.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 13, 2010


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