"Ya Gotta Believe!"

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"Ya Gotta Believe"

There’s a lot written about leaders these days. Sometimes I think it’s all been said. But then I remember that everyone has something to say, even me.

A few weeks back, I was sitting in church, listening to Father Sean’s Easter sermon. He was preaching up a storm about how important it is for people to believe. Being a native New Yorker from Queens, he even wove in the story of the NY Mets baseball team, retelling the great season where the slogan “Ya Gotta Believe” was born. The assembled parishioners gave him a standing ovation when he finished!

So what’s the connection to leadership? In a nutshell, leaders have to believe in themselves . . . and in their people.

When a leader believes in himself, he has confidence. He knows his capabilities. He knows his limits too. And he is humble enough to know that he needs to learn . . . and he needs others. As the saying goes, “There is no “I” in TEAM.”

When a leader believes in his people, he values them. He listens to them. By listening to them, he learns from them. And often, he will get great ideas from them.

A positive chain reaction is set in motion when leaders believe: Confidence. Humility. Listening. Learning. Breakthroughs! Other effects include: Teamwork. Trust. Engagement.

After many years of training managers on the skills that effective leaders need, I’m coming to the conclusion that this core element, believing, is critical. And when it’s shaky, or missing, there will be problems.

Tip for Managers: Take a good honest look in the mirror and ask yourself: Do I believe in myself and my team?


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Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 7, 2010


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