Living the Mission, Vision, and Values

Dominic Scaffidi is a Toronto-based HR consultant who asked an interesting question recently at LinkedIn:

~ How do you get your employees to live the Mission, Vision, and Values of your company?

As an organization development professional, I've had the good fortune of being an internal in several companies where this question was a major cultural undertaking.

In each case, the key success factors were: Feeling and Believing.

First, let's look at feeling. Do the employees feel (key word) the Mission and Vision? This feeling comes from real engagement where employees are authentically invited into the process of defining and deepening the Mission, Vision, and Values.

In one of the companies where a significant effort was made to embed the MVV in the organization, employees from all levels and all locations were invited into the process. Everyone had an opportunity to say their piece of the wisdom. And the facilitators from OD were carefully listening and conveying employee input.

Second, believing. Do the employees believe the Mission, Vision, and Values? It's about credibility. Believing comes from seeing the leaders in the company walking the talk.

In another organization, the CEO made it his regular practice to talk about the strategy and values of the company. He really felt and believed it. And when you interacted with him, you sensed that it was real.

So, how do you get your employees to live the Mission, Vision, and Values of the company? It's a lot more than hanging posters on the walls:

Communicate and Engage: Yes, Cascade it. But don't stop there. Go further. Connect with employees in meaningful forums.

Invite and Involve: Let employees know that their input counts.

Listen and Lead: If there are two vitally essential elements, it would have to be these two, listening, and leading the way by your example.

Embedding MVV is not a quick fix. Do it right and it will pay off in a more highly focused and engaged workforce.

This post was written by Terrence Seamon, June 7, 2010. For more leadership and employee engagement tips like this, check out Terry’s website Facilitation Solutions and invite him into your organization as a speaker.


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