How to Improve Engagement? Just Do It

The gist of this posting, that Employee Engagement Is What You Do, came to me the other day when I found Tim Kastelle's blog entry about strategy called "Strategy is What You Do."Kastelle says:

"...your strategy is not what you say, your strategy is what you do. Strategy is the set of choices you make about what business you are in, and how you’ll win."

As I read this wise posting, I heard myself thinking, Yes! And that goes for Employee Engagement as well. Engaging others is a choice to act in certain ways.

Having explored this topic for the past several years, I know there is controversy about the definitions of employee engagement. Trouble is, if you are a business leader, and you are waiting for consensus on a definition, that day may never arrive.

A better path, in my view, is to start engaging people. Here is a fast start game-plan for getting the engagement engine going in your organization.

- Start with your hiring process. Are you finding the best people to achieve your company's goals?

- Look at the work environment. Is it bringing out the best in people? Does it promote interaction? collaboration? creativity? customer focus?

- Is yours a purposeful organization? One where the mission, vision, values and goals are clear and shared with all?

- Have you turned your people loose so they can bring their full selves to the tasks and problems of the day?

- How about your managers? Do they support the efforts of their staffs? Are they training, coaching, building teamwork, and mentoring?

- Do you continuously measure, and provide feedback, to all on how well they and the business are performing? Are people getting recognition for the work they are doing?

- Look at the culture. Have you created an environment where employees are encouraged to show initiative? to bring forth new ideas? to run with their own projects?

If you want a place where everyone is energized and enthusiastic for the work of the organization, where everyone is committed to the company's mission, and where everyone has a stake in its success, then start doing engagement today.

Want more ideas? Join the Employee Engagement Network. It's free and is loaded with smart people who are sharing ideas on how to improve the workplace and achieve success.


This post originally appeared August 11, 2010 on HR.Blognotions. For more tips on engagement, culture, and leadership, visit my website and invite me into your organization.


Ed Han said…
Terry, as an outsider to this field, I still found your fast start guidelines very approachable and sensible.
A great checklist for engagement. Thanks, Terry!
nisha said…
This is an excellent thought provoking post.

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