The Start-Stop-Continue Method

Somewhere long ago in my journey as an Organization Development Guy, I learned an old but evergreen model for initiating productive change, The Start-Stop-Continue Method, that tells us that "doing differently" can take different forms.

It's a practicaltool for leaders, teams, and coaches, easy to grasp, and easy to implement. It asks three empowering questions:

1. What's not working? These are behaviors that we can STOP doing.

2. What might work better for us? What new ideas should we try? These are behaviors that we can START doing.

3. What is working well now, that we should keep on doing? These are behaviors to CONTINUE doing.

Here is one application, focused on helping a leader to improve employee engagement:

- Start: What can You Start doing that would increase employee engagement?

- Stop: What should You Stop doing that would increase engagement?

- Continue: What should You Continue doing that is supporting engagement?

Here's a website where you can find a worksheet for using this method.

Here's a blogger applying the method to a CEO looking to improve an entire company.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick an area of importance to you, such as your effectiveness as a leader, and ask yourself: What can I Start-Stop-Continue that would enhance my success?

Posted by Terrence Seamon on August 13, 2010. For more tips on change, effectiveness, and leadership, contact Terry and invite him into your organization.


davidburkus said…
One of my favorite tools for improvement. Simple but effective.

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