Designing a Positive Workplace Culture

I recently had the opportunity to offer ideas to a large global organization on how to design a positive workplace culture.

Knowing something about the organization, I suggested that they establish a Positive Workplace Practices "center of excellence," i.e., a small team of internal consultants that would provide expertise on such issues as engagement, respect, and organizational justice.

At this point, I have no idea how far this idea will get, or whether it will ever see the light of day in that organization.

But I must say, I feel exhilarated. There's something so exciting (at least to me) about envisioning what an organization can be.

If you are interested in envisioning the best for your organization, let me know. I'd be happy to dream with you.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Sept 16, 2010. If you would like more ideas on visioning, culture, and ways to design a positive workplace, contact Terry and invite him to your organization.

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A positive workplace is important or else some employees will be doing some resume writing in search of another job opportunity. A positive workplace culture can be established by first letting the employees know that they are respected and can't be laid off at a whim's notice which is becoming rare these days.

It is important to establish an employee valued culture where efforts are rewarded and also to have employee functions and recognitions. It is important that positive workplace policies match the reality of the workplace practices and that starts from the top down.

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