You ARE In Sales!

Ever get pumped up by a motivational speaker? That's how I am feeling right now after hearing (and experiencing) a talk this morning given by master salesman Joe Himelfarb. He gave a presentation to job seekers and career changers at the St. Matthias Employment Ministry in Somerset, NJ, on the secrets of selling yourself in a job search campaign.

Here are a few of the nuggets of wisdom that Joe shared with us:

- It's NOT about You: Successful salespeople know that selling is all about the customer. What is their business? What are they trying to achieve? What's getting in their way? So a job search is about the employer, not you. The question is: How can you help them?

- It's NOT about Getting a Job: Yes, if you are out of work, you need a job. But don't approach it desperate and groveling, hat in hand. Rather, know your value! Research your accomplishments and identify your value proposition. Believe in yourself. Successful salespeople know this: If you are sold, you can sell. You must be sold on your product, and the product is You.

- When they say "No," You say Next: Don't collapse when you get turned down. Salespeople take rejection in stride. Keep on moving. There is a job out there for you. Don't give up. It will take a lot of No's to get to the Yes you are after.

Additionally, Joe says:

- Attitude is key: Success in life is a combination of skills and attitude. The most successful salespeople know that selling is 80% attitude and 20% skills. Make no mistake: Employers want to hire people who are honest, positive, energetic, determined and friendly, as well as able to solve problems.

- Focus your search: Write an ad for the job you would most like to have. And go for it!

In our four years of serving the unemployed, as well as those dissatisfied with their jobs, we have had some great guest speakers, including Absolutely Abby, Donna Coulson, and Kenny Moore. I can now add Joe Himelfarb to that esteemed list.

Thank you, Joe. Keep on selling!

Posted by Terrence Seamon on February 12, 2011. For more ideas on job search, contact Terry and invite him to speak to your group.


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