What Job Seekers Must Know About Social Media

Question for job hunting Boomers: Have you been puzzled and frustrated by the rise of Twitter, facebook, Linkedin, blogs and all the rest that are called "social media," wondering whether any of it can help you with your search for meaningful employment?

Yesterday, at the St. Matthias Employment Ministry, for two hours, a room full of job seekers listened in wonder as Jacob C. Alonzo provided a tour of the emerging realm of social media and why anyone who is "in transition" these days must be active with it.

Like a sherpa who knows the terrain, and can expertly guide explorers through it, Jacob made many key points including these:

Regarding being social - Jacob asked, Are you creating content and sharing it with others? Many if not most in the room were speechless. What? Me a blogger? Jacob put blogging into a broader context he called The 5 C's for Today's Social Resume: a 21st Century job seeker generates content, communicates it, curates it, connects with others, and consumes the content that others are generating and sharing. In a word, today's job seekers are social.

Regarding facebook - From its beginnings on a college campus, facebook has come a long way and is now being used by employers as a talent marketplace tool to reach the younger demographic. Boomers who are concerned about their age, and therefore avoid facebook, are making a mistake. They are shutting themselves out of an important new employment arena. As Jacob puts it, facebook is social. And everyone is rushing to get on facebook.

Regarding Twitter - Like facebook, Twitter is incredibly social. It's a micro-blogging tool where users are sharing content with one another, and then connecting where they perceive a shared interest. In addition, jobs are being posted via twitter. Jacob recommends using Twellow to search Twitter for people and for jobs.

Regarding Linkedin - Don't over-rely on Linkedin, Jacob says. While it's an important part of the trinity (i.e., facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin), many Boomers spend all their time there, and little or no time with facebook and Twitter. Having said that, be aware that LinkedIn now has a labs area where new apps are being launched such as Tweets, a Twitter client you can use on LinkedIn. And one other LinkedIn tip: use the Skills feature to populate skills into your profile. These skills represent the keywords that recruiters are using to find talent through LinkedIn!

Jacob C. Alonzo has been presenting on Using Social Media in the Job Search Process since 2009. Jacob has spoken at networking meetings, conferences and events throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Jacob is an experienced user experience professional and information architect. Jacob creates and improves interactive and informational spaces that are both usable and useful, including software applications, the Web and the mobile arena.

To invite Jacob to your next meeting, he can be reached at: email@jaalz.com

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Sunday March 13, 2011.


Joey Himelfarb said…
Sorry I missed the presentation. Sounds like some good stuff was discussed.

Onward and upward...

Joe Himelfarb
balaji @ IT said…
SEO & Internet marketing should know.
Thanks this post..
keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

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