Chasing Balloons

To the surprise of many, New Jersey has a lot going for it, including the annual Festival of Ballooning, held in the Summer from Solberg Airport in the rolling hills of central NJ.

My wife and I got up early today for the chance to see the balloons take off. Driving from where we live in New Brunswick to Whitehouse Station did not take long. Using our GPS, we found our way to a field near the airport just as the colorful flotilla was taking off.

Then, along with many others, we gave chase! With my eyes on the winding country roads, and Joan's eyes on the balloons, we raced along through the farmlands, stopping here and there to snap pictures.

Soon, most of the balloons had landed in yards, in fields, and in farm pastures.

A few kept going, floating off toward Rt. 206, somewhere beyond the trees.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Saturday July 30, 2011


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