Live Your Goals

The women on the World Cup Soccer teams wear a patch on their shoulders that says "Live Your Goals." It's part of a campaign by FIFA to encourage the spread of women's football around the world. The aims of the campaign include:

"to spark excitement about women’s football;
to inspire more young women and girls to play football;
to increase the popularity of the professional game

Judging by my recent experience in Germany, where I attended three World Cup games, this campaign is succeeding.

Yesterday, via ESPN, I watched the game in Dresden between the US and Brazil, described by the press as "dramatic" and "epic." That it was.

But for me, watching these teams play with such ferocity and intensity, I thought of the recent publication by Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson on the characteristics of successful people. Dr. Halvorson is establishing a "science of success" by studying what successful people actually do.

She says that "successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do." Which includes such practices as getting specific about your goals and "knowing exactly what you want to achieve." This, Halvorson says, "keeps you motivated until you get there."

I'll bet that this is one of things that makes these World Cup women so great.

Looking further into Halvorson's fascinating research findings, a few other nuggets gleam, including:

Successful people focus on getting better - Successful people never rest on their laurels. Rather they are constantly pushing themselves to find ways to improve their game.

Successful people have grit - Successful people are committed to their goals and do not quit. Instead, they persevere, no matter what the challenge or the obstacle they face.

Successful people are great finishers - And they stay with it to the end.

I'd say that the US Women's Team fits these criteria very well. They exemplify what it means to "Live Your Goals."

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Monday July 11, 2011


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