Make Something Happen

Today, at the Professional Service Group (PSG) in Somerville, NJ, I had the great opportunity to be their guest speaker. My topic, "Jump Start Your Job Search," was a hit.

But not because of me. It was the spirit of the group!

I was so impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the people there, most of whom were north of 50 years old, and who had every right to be glum about their situation. But they were anything but gloomy. Quite the contrary, they were ready to make something happen!

I shared a quote with the group from a NJ job hunter who said, "Today is going to be the day that something is going to happen." That's optimism, for you! And a positive attitude.

What I recommended is that they take it one step further and approach each day with the attitude "Today I am going to make something happen." Even if it's just a tiny little step forward. Great oak trees come from tiny acorns.

Here are several ideas that surfaced for making something happen each and every day of a job search:

- research a company
- send a "thank you"
- attend a networking meeting
- call someone up on the phone
- write a blog post
- volunteer some time
- cheer someone up
- teach someone

You know the old saying "Some people make things happen. Some watch what happens. And some ask, 'What just happened?'" It's amusing. But you don't want to end up in the third spot.

Instead, say to yourself each today: "Today I am going to make something happen."

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Monday July 25, 2011


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