The Spiritual Manager

Can a manager manage spiritually?

This is the question that is forming in me on a beautiful Sunday morning in July as I sit on my porch with a cup of coffee, watching the red and yellow finches land on the bird feeder in my yard, and the baseball players gather for their game in the park across the street.

I suppose the answer to the question lies in the question itself. What does it mean to do anything spiritually?

Here are a few aspects that occur to me this day...

Serenity - Having peace of mind stems from a peaceful heart. Sounds good, but it's difficult to attain and keep. There is so much pain in life, so much inner conflict at times.

Mindfulness - Cultivating a non-judgemental awareness of the Self, including the thoughts, the feelings, and emotions that arise within, is the first step toward serenity. With mindfulness, you can learn to calmly let go of anxiety and stress.

Identity - Do you know Who You Are? Knowing your true self will help you discover what you are called to do.

Connectedness - Realizing that we are all connected is so important. Until we do, our thinking is filled with boundaries and walls that separate us needlessly. Our effort goes into keeping things apart. Choosing connectedness will help foster synergies that can produce breakthroughs.

Breath - Learning to breath is the original creative act of the universe, the breath that got everything going. We can continue that each day, at home and at work. Breathing more deeply will center you, energize you, and strengthen your resilience.

Presence - How do you show up? What do you bring into the room? Does your presence bring energy, light, and peace?

Peace - Bringing peace to a group of people helps to heal, strengthen, and ultimately free them to get up and walk their own path. Bringing peace helps dispel fear.

Gratitude - What is your outlook on what you have in life? Being thankful for the opportunities before you generates the positive energy needed to move ahead and succeed.

Courage - What do you stand for? Knowing your values helps you see clearly, especially when injustice occurs. With courage, you can speak the truth, even to power.

Stewardship - As a manager, your job, at its essence, is to take what has been given to you and increase it. This includes the talents of the people on your team. Developing your people is the defining act of the faithful steward.

Liberating - So much of managing has been about controlling and staying on top of people, about distrust and fear. The spiritual manager chooses liberation instead of control. Why put so much effort into holding people in check?

Bringing New Life - The Spiritual Manager loves change, acting like a mid-wife, helping to bring new things to birth. New ideas, new processes, new products. Like a gardener, the Spiritual Manager tends the entire garden, making sure that every part has what it needs to blossom beautifully.

If a manager managed in this way, what sort of workplace would result?

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Sunday July 17, 2011.


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