Travel Is Good for the Soul

After my first trip to Europe years ago, I realized that travel changes you. It stretches you. It is good for the soul.

In our latest voyage to Europe, we managed to visit both Paris and Berlin in the same trip! Imagine that? Thanks to our friends who live in Germany, we did. And more besides, visiting Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Bad Rappenau, Bad Wimpfen, Mainz, Heidelburg, and even attending two Womens World Cup Soccer games at the new Neckar-Rhein stadium in Sinsheim.

Our humorous tour guide in rainy Berlin took us for an informative 1 hour ride. When we came to Check Point Charlie, he told us about the rabbits that were trapped when Berlin was divided and the wall was built. Did they mutate into a larger and stranger breed? Unknown. A Berliner style urban legend?

As I said up top, travel is good for the soul. Especially this sort of travel, where you leave your comfort zone far behind. You learn things about human nature, such as the amazing ability we have to communicate even with those who speak different languages. For example, in Paris, when searching for the metro station, we asked a man for help. He only spoke French, and we did our best to get our question across. We pointed to our metro map and he pointed down the street, making a curving motion with his arm and body. We went down the street as he pointed and found the station around the corner. Ah the wonder of body language!

And you learn things about yourself, such as how adaptable you are. How little you know. And how much there is to see and learn in this interesting world of ours.

At a Mass in Paris, the priest's message was "Get up and walk." Amen to that! What a great motto for world travellers.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Thursday July 7, 2011.


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