Five People Who Changed My Life

If you think about the course of your life, with the focus on the process of becoming Who You Are today, I think you will notice the effect that various people had on you. Some for good, some not. But the bottom line is, there were many people whose influence changed you in some way as you moved along your path in life.

On twitter the other day, someone suggested thinking about the five people who changed you for the better.

Though there are many more than five, these five head the list:

My Dad - When I was a kid, I was the egghead of the clan, not much into sports. My athletic and macho fatherloved me and supported me despite my being the odd one of the six kids.

My Mom - My farm-raised mother was a loving person. Raised in a family of Jewish immigrants, she had a lot of old sayings, some of which still resonate in me to this day. She taught me about wisdom. And I learned to cook by watching her.

My Wife - My funny and fierce wife, a professional church musician, has expanded my appreciation for music, for church, for travel, and for living and loving life to the full.

My Two Sons - My talented go-getter sons have both graduated from Rutgers and are embarking on their careers, one a filmmaker, the other a musician/actor/journalist. One of the most formative influences on them, I'm afraid, was seeing their dad get laid off, several times. But I believe it has made them stronger, more realistic, and more resilient. Though this a very tough economy for liberal arts kids, they are hard working and goal-driven. An inspiration to me, to be sure!

Who are five people who have changed your life?

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Saturday August 27, 2011


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