Managing With Integrity

Integrity House, based in Newark, NJ, is committed to helping people reclaim their lives. Individuals and families who have hit bottom and are looking for a road back to wholeness. The motto of Integrity House is "Where Recovery Begins." They are one of my clients.

Although they have invited me to teach many topics to their management staff (including supervisory skills, leadership, communication, and workplace harassment prevention), I have learned a great deal from them. Including what it means to manage with integrity.

Managing with Integrity means:

- Being with people, for people. Not being afraid to talk with people, to listen to them. The Manager with Integrity doesn't hide behind her office door. Rather, she is visible, available, approachable. She cares about her team and wants the best for them.

- Courage. He is unafraid. He has the courage to speak his mind on an issue. He is not afraid of conflict. He sees conflict as a process that can lead to new growth.

- Addresses problems. She is level-headed when problems erupt. She stays calm in face of turmoil.

- Thoughtful. He is not impulsive. Does not react or shoot from the hip. He steps back from a thorny situation and examines all sides.

- Reliable. She is true to her word. She can be counted on. If she makes a commitment, she will deliver on it.

- Rooted in values. He lives by a solid core of values. Values that guide him each day.

- Honest. She tells the truth, calling it as she sees it.

- Respectful. He earns respect by respecting others.

- Nice and Tough. She shifts comfortably from Nice to Tough as the situation demands. She recognizes the need that each person has at the moment and adapts her approach accordingly.

- Loving. No matter what, there is always a pulse of heartfelt love motivating the Manager with Integrity, because it's all about that.

Last month, I wrote a blog post called The Spiritual Manager. In that post, I mused on the question, What does it mean to live in a spiritual way?

I want to add Integrity to that list. Integrity essentially means unity, wholeness, unimpaired soundness.

I've often said that Managing People is the second most challenging job on Planet Earth, right behind raising kids. Being a Manager is not for everyone. It takes quite a bit to be good at it.

I daresay it takes a spiritual person to be a good manager.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Monday August 22, 2011.


Susan said…
These characteristics can certainly inspire employees and let them know that you can be trusted or are a leader worth following.

Loved your post on the spiritual manager too. It's easy for people to misunderstand the concept, but everything you mentioned there should be applied by every manager.
Terrence Seamon said…
Hi Susan,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Inspiring others and building trust are two very important goals for every manager. I hope my posts have provided some indication of the pathway.

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