Unemployed? Deja Vu All Over Again

I’m sure you are reading the latest articles and stats on how bad the jobs crisis is in the US. What saddens me is when someone who has been unemployed finally lands a gig, only to find himself (or herself) bounced out again, back to the unemployment lines.

Just earlier today, I got one of those emails from someone I know here in New Jersey.

In his email, he asked me for my advice on how to keep his LinkedIn profile up-to-date while he resumes his job search. I offered the following advice:

- Number One, make sure that your profile (and your resume) are up-to-date, including the gig you had that ended too soon.

- Make sure that you put in your accomplishments! Even from non-paid work such as a pro bono project or volunteer work.

- Take a good hard look at your headline on Linkedin. That’s the space right under your name. It may be the most precious real estate on your profile! When someone (like a headhunter, a recruiter, or a business owner) looks at your name, what message will they see right beneath it?

- Publish status updates at least once every week, if not more frequently. This promotes your visibility!

- Seek recommendations from people who know your work and want to help you. Let them toot your horn!

Then, beyond LinkedIn, what else are you doing to stay active, visible, and involved with other people? This can take many forms. For instance, teaching, taking on projects, even pro bono ones.

Also don’t eschew volunteering. By giving back to the community in some way, you will feel good about yourself. Plus it’s a new experience where you might acquire a new skill. And it’s networking!

And don’t forget to actively participate in one or more job search support groups. Help others in their job searches. You’ll feel good. And they will want to help you in return.

Published by Terrence Seamon on Thursday October 20, 2011.


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