Tiramisu for the Soul

For many, the time in between services at your house of worship is a long soul-less period of working, chores, deadlines, and worries. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, during the week, you had a "pick me up" for your soul?

There is a wonderful dessert that you'll find on the menu of most Italian restaurants, called tiramisu, which loosely translated means "pick me up." Called by some "heaven in the mouth," tiramisu is a delicious way to end a meal.

For me, a faith sharing group meeting is like tiramisu. It's a spiritual "pick me up" that refreshes you during the week.

At my parish, St. Matthias in Somerset, NJ, we encourage the formation of small groups that gather in someone's home, once a week for six weeks. Each week there is a theme, a reading from scripture, and a discussion. The aim of the gathering is to connect the scripture to our lives and share our faith journeys with one another. Small scale, simple to carry out, yet profound in its effects.

Another type of spiritual pick-me-up I recently started is t'ai chi chih, or "joy through movement," based on the style developed by Justin Stone. His approach to this ancient art of movement is slow, soft, and effortless, like a flowing meditation. The intent of this t'ai chi is to circulate and balance the chi, the vital force that flows through the universe . . . and through us.

Why not treat yourself to a spiritual pick-me-up? You deserve it.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Thursday November 10, 2011


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