Happy New Year 2012

The name of the first month, January, comes from the Roman god Janus who has two faces, one that looks back, and one that looks ahead. A perfect name for the month when we turn the page and start a new year.

Looking back at 2011, one of the highlights for me was the opportunity to contribute to several global articles on Organization Development, including this interview.

As an OD practitioner, I've often said that the place to be is in the midst of change. "Change is where the action is," so to speak.

Over my career span, that is often exactly where I have found myself. Change is a crucible of learning. It can get hot in there. But if you can take it, it will strengthen you.

At last night's New Year's Eve party, a friend showed up who had changed: he had lost 40 pounds. We were all impressed by his achievement. How did he do it? Discipline. He had set a goal for himself. He resolved to achieve it. And he persisted, without slipping back to his old ways.

It got me thinking about conversion and the Greek term metanoia which means "changing one's mind." I think that is part of the formula for making real change.

Looking ahead to 2012, let me quote a tweet I saw today from my friend Don Blohowiak:

~ "Change in New Year: Commit to *learning* & results. Anticipate setbacks. Identify who can help. Enlist their support. Start. Persist!"

Well said, Don. Here's to change. Now is the time to think about the changes you want to pursue this year. As Don says, commit to your goal. Resolve to improve. Go for it!

Happy new year! May the promise of 2012 bring you health, prosperity, and peace.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Sunday January 1, 2012


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