Your New Year Epiphany

It's January 8th in the new year of 2012. Have you had an epiphany yet?

The ancient word "epiphany" comes from the Greek meaning "to show forth." Like a light appearing in a dark room. In more recent usage, some have likened epiphany to the "aha moment" when an idea suddenly occurs to us, like a light bulb appearing in our minds.

An epiphany comes when we least expect it. It's a surprise. A gift.

Writing about the feast of the Epiphany in his daily e-newsletter, Fr. Richard Rohr says that it is about seeing with wonder. The Magi who followed a star to find the newborn king were "questing in wonder." What they found was a mother and father and their baby, huddled in a humble manager.

As a new year opens, what star are you following?

An epiphany can be a very small, ordinary thing. On twitter this morning, South African artist Laureen Raftopulos wrote: "Live in the moment by becoming fully aware of the beauty in the smallest of things around you."

That's a good mantra for living epiphany.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Sunday January 8, 2012


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