Busy Week o' Writing!

This has been a busy period of writing for me! Topics range from job search to engagement to leadership. So here is a round-up for those who may have missed something.

My Book! - I self-published my first book, called To Your Success! a motivational guidebook for anyone in transition, whether seeking a job, or seeking more meaningful work.

Keys to Success - After speaking to a local Professional Services Group gathering of job hunters about some of the points in my book, I published this article via examiner.com to reach a broader audience.

Importance of Invitation - On the topic of engagement, one of the keys to connecting and engaging others is the simple (yet powerful) gesture of an invitation. This post was inspired by the prolific John Maxwell whose new LinkedIn group gave me the inspiration.

Leaders, Honor Thy People - On the topic of leadership, I was invited to be a guest blogger at the excellent About Leaders site that is run by Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker and Ron Whitaker. This post, on the importance of honoring your people, has struck a chord.

One more thing: My friend and fellow blogger Dave Summers interviewed me, about my book, for his blog Busted Missive. Check it out here.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Friday February 17, 2012


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