My New Book: To Your Success!

After years of preparation, I finally self-published my first book the other day. Called To Your Success," it is a motivational guidebook for anyone who is "in transition" seeking their next job or searching for more meaningful work.

As the great writing coach William Zinsser once said, "Write what you know." As a veteran of the job search, being "in transition" is something that I know quite well.

The topics covered include:
- identifying your strengths
- clarifying your mission
- writing your accomplishments
- setting goals
- telling your story
- building your resilience
- strengthening your confidence
- learning to sell yourself
- overcoming obstacles
- managing your time
- making change happen
- learning from failure
- achieving success

If you are out of work, or know someone who is searching, then consider this guide. Having been there myself, and having helped many job hunters these past several years, I know how difficult it is.

But there is a process. And it does work.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Friday February 10, 2012


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your new book! This is a great help for many job hunters. It's difficult finding a job, but as what you say "there is a process. And it does work". I also found this book "Who Wants To Be NORMAL, Anyway?!" at,This is more of “survival” guide for teens—it’s a strategic road map designed to help you thrive! Also helps them find who they want to be and what career they may have.

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