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Love In the Workplace

Do you have love in your workplace?

I am currently doing some work for a client that is a large, faith-based, non-profit social services organization in northern New Jersey. They do a lot of good every day for some of the most damaged and troubled people in our communities.

In our training sessions, it's not unusual to hear the word "love" used. Yesterday, at a school for special needs children, in a session on how to strengthen teams, one of the participants commented on the list of teamwork ideas that the group had just generated.

"It's a good list," he said. "But without love, it's nothing."

Around the room, other heads were nodding in agreement. One other person chimed in, "It's true. Though we may not use the word very often, we do love our kids and we love our jobs."

I asked them if they love one another. Though it generated some laughs, they said that they did.

Pursuing it, I asked them: What is love in this workplace?