Love In the Workplace

Do you have love in your workplace?

I am currently doing some work for a client that is a large, faith-based, non-profit social services organization in northern New Jersey. They do a lot of good every day for some of the most damaged and troubled people in our communities.

In our training sessions, it's not unusual to hear the word "love" used. Yesterday, at a school for special needs children, in a session on how to strengthen teams, one of the participants commented on the list of teamwork ideas that the group had just generated.

"It's a good list," he said. "But without love, it's nothing."

Around the room, other heads were nodding in agreement. One other person chimed in, "It's true. Though we may not use the word very often, we do love our kids and we love our jobs."

I asked them if they love one another. Though it generated some laughs, they said that they did.

Pursuing it, I asked them: What is love in this workplace?

Here is some of what they said.

It means looking out for each other. If someone needs help, it means taking the time to step in and assist them, even when you are busy.

It means caring about one another. The kids in their school are "special," meaning, in some cases, behaviorally difficult. One teacher was attacked by a student just days before our session. So when one of them is stressed and upset, they are there for each other.

It means lifting each other up. Some days are good, some are bad. Love in their workplace means lifting the spirit of the team.

Do you bring love to your workplace?

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Saturday October 6, 2012


Andy Phillips said…
There are probably other words I would use but the sense of being on the same side and that if you help someone you are essentially helping yourself is a critical part of an effective team. I was recently at an inter school competition supporting my son and I was struck by how his schoolmates cheered all the participants from his school not just the winners. It was inspiring to see. I like the word unity but love works just as well.
Terrence Seamon said…
Thanks for your comment, Andy. I agree that there are many words one can use for the essence of caring about, looking out for, and helping, your team mates.
Eric Von Jares said…
In a service based business, my role is to bring love to everything I do, to every person, and to every situation.
Terrence Seamon said…
Thanks for your comment, Eric. Love is all we need, as soeone wise once said. But we fail to love so often. We have to become more mindful of loving as you say.
-joe+ said…
Hello Terrence,
I truly enjoy your tone which is kind, pleasant and sincere. I am rolling out a model "Workplace Enrichment" which brings about a loving workplace environment - a place where it feels easy to be around one another. If you would send me a brief thought or two I sure would appreciate your review.

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